Ambitious Live: Mobile App Success with Jordan Bryant

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On December 1st, 2016, Founder, serial entrepreneur, and business strategist, Jordan Bryant, will be teaching a live 4-hour masterclass. Jordan helps his clients establish an innovation mobile roadmap. The roadmaps help both the top and bottom lines of their organizations simultaneously.


Jordan grew up on an emu ranch. His parents had him selling emu jerky and oils at sporting events to learn the value of business. At 19, he started a paint company that did over 6 figures painting 50 homes in the first summer, tripling the business the next summer.

He went on to found Chamber DS, a mobile innovation company. In 2 years Chamber DS joined forces with Emerge Interactive, a digital innovation company of 18 years leading mobile strategy for clients ranging from startups to the fortune 500. He helped with over 100 mobile app projects, specializing in mobile strategy and the development of a Mobile App MVP. He is the Author of Tactic Mobile, and hosts two top-rated podcasts, Emerge Mobile First and The App Academy.


Jordan covers end to end for getting started with a mobile app. The presentation starts by describing what a mobile app is, how to view it as a business, then introduces the app stores. The discussion transitions to how they are a distribution channel for the mobile app, and how to navigate them to find other apps that may be competing with your app ideas. He describes how to dissect the technology, user, and business insights to inform a viable mobile app strategy for your app. From there he describes a prioritization workshop that creates a roadmap and prioritized feature list for your app.

This online course breaks up into several sections, each followed by a live question and answer session. Check it out!